Christel Renders

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In western Europe during the spring, the largest proportion of fox populations are cubs and the key to successful rabies oral vaccination campaigns is cub vaccination. In this paper we report on studies of the serology of 93 fox (Vulpes vulpes) cubs born to unvaccinated and orally vaccinated captive vixens, some of which were orally vaccinated at 30 or at(More)
Humoral and cell-mediated immune responses of 36 captive foxes to two oral vaccines against rabies currently used for foxes in Europe were studied. The Street Alabama Dufferin (SAD) mutant Gif (SAG2) vaccine has been selected by double mutation from the SAD virus. The vaccinia recombinant virus (V-RG) expresses the rabies glycoprotein. Both vaccines induce(More)
The rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test (RFFIT) and the fluorescent antibody virus neutralization test (FAVNT) are both diagnostic tests for determining levels of rabies neutralizing antibodies. An automated method for determining fluorescence has been implemented to reduce the work time required for fluorescent visual microscopic observations. The(More)
Thin-film ferroelectric capacitors have been integrated with resistors and active functions such as ESD protection into small, miniaturized modules, which enable a board space saving of up to 80%. With the optimum materials and processes, integrated capacitors with capacitance densities of up to 100 nF/mm2 for stacked capacitors combined with breakdown(More)
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