Christel Oasi

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INTRODUCTION In dementia, behavioral psychological symptoms are frequent and variable. OBJECTIVE To assess the value of wrist actigraphy as a measure of disorder in motor behavior especially apathy, aberrant motor behavior, agitation and anxiety. METHODS Cross sectional observational study of consecutive patients older than 75 years admitted to an(More)
INTRODUCTION Assessing functional decline is an essential step in gerontology practice. The numerous and often redundant tools available make the task more complex. Our objective was to validate an assessment scale combined with a computer application that yields several standard scores from a single assessment. METHODS We studied 106 elderly subjects,(More)
UNLABELLED RISING INCIDENCE AND PREVALENCE: The frequency of epilepsy after the age of 60 years is increasing, a particularly important point in light of the rise in this age group. Incidence is estimated to exceed 100 cases per 100,000 subjects over the age of 60, reaching 160 per 100,000 in subjects aged 80 to 84 years. Prevalence exceeds 7 per 1000 in(More)
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