Christel Metivier

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A B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (B-NHL) cell line (Karpas 1106) with an unusual three-way translocation involving 18q21.3 has been derived from a patient with mediastinal lymphoblastic B-NHL. Although conventional cytogenetics showed a derivative 18q-identical to that seen in cases with t(14;18)(q32.3;q21.3), no translocations of either chromosome 14 could(More)
Among the murine Jun family of transcription factors, c-Jun and JunD are closely-related proteins with similar dimerization, DNA binding and transactivating properties. However, when expressed from a self-replicating retroviral RCAS vector, c-jun, but not junD, transforms chick embryo fibroblasts. We attempted to map the regions of c-jun which are important(More)
The cytoskeleton of many protists comprises an extensive submembranous epiplasm which contributes to cell shape and integration of cell membranes with underlying structures according to the species-specific cortical architecture. Using various extraction procedures, epiplasm-enriched fractions have been isolated from the ciliate Pseudomicrothorax dubius,(More)
Treatment of Barnea candida oocytes with 5 micrograms/ml Con A or above elicits germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD), the timing for this event being dose dependent. At 100 micrograms/ml, GVBD occurs within 20 to 30 min, a lag time corresponding to that observed after fertilization. Con A-induced GVBD requires the presence of 2 mM external calcium during all(More)
This paper focuses on the non-incremental solution of transient coupled non-linear models, in particular the one related to the Rayleigh–Bénard flow problem that models natural thermal convection. For this purpose we are applying the so-called Proper Generalized Decomposition that proceeds by performing space-time separated representations of the different(More)
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