Christel Marie-Etancelin

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This study compared models for growth (BW) before overfeeding period for male mule duck data from 7 families of a QTL experimental design. Four nonlinear models (Gompertz, logistic, Richards, and Weibull) and a spline linear regression model were used. This study compared fixed and mixed effects models to analyze growth. The Akaike information criterion was(More)
“Foie gras” is produced predominantly in France and about 90% of the commercialized product is obtained from male mule ducks. The melting rate (percentage of fat released during cooking) is the main criterion used to determine the quality of “foie gras”. However, up to now the melting rate could not be predicted without causing liver damage, which means(More)
The milking ability of Lacaune ewes was characterised by derived traits of milk flow patterns, in an INRA experimental farm, from a divergent selection experiment in order to estimate the correlated effects of selection for protein and fat yields. The analysis of selected divergent line effects (involving 34 616 data and 1204 ewes) indicated an indirect(More)
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