Christardt Koehler

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In 2003, osteonecrosis of the jaw was described as an intraoral complication of bisphosphonate therapy. More recently, cases of avascular necrosis of the hip were reported in patients with long-lasting bisphosphonate therapy. Thus, it was the aim of the present study to analyze cases of benign osteonecrosis of the external ear canal and to retrospectively(More)
OBJECTIVE Individualized treatment of pregnant patients with cervical cancer is mandatory; hence, information on nodal status is pivotal to allow a waiting strategy in early-stage disease.We aimed to verify the oncological safety and surgical reproducibility of a standardized laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomy in pregnant patients with cervical cancer. (More)
OBJECTIVE Our study purpose was to evaluate morbidity and postoperative mortality in patients who underwent pelvic exenteration (PE) for primary or recurrent gynecological malignancies. METHODS We identified 230 patients who underwent PE, referred to the gynecological oncology units of 4 institutions: Charitè University in Berlin, Friedrich-Schiller(More)
BACKGROUND Extrapulmonary small cell carcinoma (EPSCC) is a rare disease of highly proliferating neuroendocrine tumor cells. Therapy and outcome of EPSCC patients treated at our institution were retrospectively analyzed. PATIENTS AND METHODS The records of all patients diagnosed with EPSCCs between 1998 and 2007 at the Charité Berlin were retrieved. Stage(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluate the survival of patients who underwent pelvic exenteration (PE) with curative intent for primary persistent or recurrent cervical cancer. METHODS We retrospectively investigated 167 consecutive patients, referred to the gynecological oncology units of 4 centers in Germany or Italy, who underwent PE. Data regarding surgery, histology,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to evaluate morbidity, mortality, and long-term survival of patients who underwent pelvic exenteration (PE) with curative intent for recurrence of endometrial adenocarcinoma during a single decade. METHODS We defined a cohort of 21 patients who met our inclusion criteria, referred to 4 cooperating gynecologic oncology(More)
Red cell urinalysis is a very common laboratory procedure in health care, and microscopic haematuria a common finding in apparently healthy people. Response to a questionnaire sent to all departments of urology in Sweden and to general practitioners in the province of Ostergötland showed both groups to vary considerably in their approach to its management.(More)