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—This paper presents a procedure for the synthesis of positive real controllers based on matrix inequalities. Problems with 2 and cost are considered and the resulting bilinear matrix inequality problems are solved using local, iterative algorithms. The procedure is applied to the synthesis of passive suspensions for the optimization of certain performance(More)
In this paper we demonstrate how the recently developed sum of squares techniques can be used to analyze robust stability and robust performance of quasi-LPV models. We show the effectiveness of the methodology through the analysis of the stability and performance of a nonlinear control law applied to an uncertain quasi-LPV model of the short-period(More)
— This paper presents experimental results and a modelling study of a prototype mechanical device that represents a novel steering compensator for high-performance motorcycles. The mechanical device is different from conventional damper devices since it has been designed to represent a series combination of a damper and an inerter. The ideal inerter is a(More)
In this paper we present two multi-objective optimization techniques for the design of a passive suspension for a quarter-car vehicle model. These techniques are based on meta-heuristic optimization and bilinear matrix inequalities (BMI) respectively. The use of multi-objective optimization is motivated by the need to optimize simultaneously various(More)
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