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AIMS To assess the effect of microwave heating on immunohistochemical staining of CD15 and CD30 antigens in Hodgkin's disease tissue samples. METHODS Formalin fixed, paraffin wax embedded sections from 20 cases of Hodgkin's disease (six mixed cellularity, 14 nodular sclerosis) were immunostained for CD15, using two antibodies (DAKO-M1 and Leu-M1) and for(More)
Two methods for recovering an image that has been degraded while being processed are presented. The restoration problem is formulated as a constrained optimization problem in which a measure of smoothness based on the second derivatives of the restored image is maximized subject to the constraint that noise energy is equal to the energy in the difference(More)
Two new alogrithrns suitable for computer-aided optimization of networks are presented. They &e both based on the nonlinear least @th approximation approach, which has been successfully applied by the authors to microwave network design problems requiriig miniiax or near-minimax solutions. A basic cliff ~rence here is that, instead of requiring very large(More)
A new optimization method called grazer search has been developed. This method is suitable for nonlinear minimsx optimization of network and system responses. A linear programming problem using gradient information of one or more highest ripples in the response error function to produce a downhill direction followed by a linear search to find a mkdmum in(More)