Christain Gütl

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Skills and knowledge that can be gained by groups of individuals will be affected by the characteristics of those groups. Systematic formation of the groups could therefore potentially lead to significantly improved learning outcomes. This research explores a framework for group formation that continuously adapts rules used for the grouping process in order(More)
Multimedia has recently played an increasingly important role in various domains, including Web applications, movies, video game and medical visualization. The rapid growth of digital media data over the Internet, on the other hand, makes it easy for anyone to access, copy, edit and distribute digital contents such as electronic documents, images, sounds(More)
Three dimensional models are commonly used in computer graphics and 3D modeling characters in animation movies and games. 3D objects are more complex to handle than other multimedia data due to the fact that various representations exist for the same object, yielding a number of difficulties, among of which are the distinct sources of 3D data. Research work(More)
—This paper presents a concept how a learning environment can be established in 3D space and how it can be adapted to the competence state of a learner. In contrast to existing Learning Management Systems learning paths are spatially represented in 3D space. In this approach the learner can immerse into a virtual learning landscape consisting of learning(More)
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