Christa VanLaerhoven

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We explore the origin and orbital evolution of the Kuiper belt in the framework of a recent model of the dynamical evolution of the giant planets, sometimes known as the Nice model. This model is characterized by a short, but violent, instability phase, during which the planets were on large eccentricity orbits. It successfully explains, for the first time,(More)
A growth-chamber experiment was conducted to study the effect of liming upon growth of alfalfa. The beneficial effects observed were related to changes in soil properties brought about by lime application. Reductions of aluminum and manganese toxicities were the major factors responsible for the increased yields and the decreased growth period required to(More)
Concentrations of nitric acid extractable Cd, Pb and Zn in surface soils, predominated by partially decomposed litter, from 15 sites within 9.7 km of the lead-zinc smelter complex at Trail, British Columbia, Canada, attained 36.1, 12123, and 1394 ppm but averaged 17.8, 2607, and 571 ppm, respectively. Although underlying mineral soils contained smaller(More)
The distribution of cadmium, lead and zinc concentrations in litter and mineral soil horizons from the Kootenay region were studied to determine the effect of the 70-yr operation of the world's largest base-metals smelter complex at Trail, British Columbia. Metals were retained near the surface in litter and surface mineral horizons and concentrations in(More)
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