Christa M Nelson

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AIMS To investigate alternative relations between cumulative exposures to hand-transmitted vibration (taking account of vibration magnitude, lifetime exposure duration, and frequency of vibration) and the development of white finger (Raynaud's phenomenon). METHODS Three previous studies have been combined to provide a group of 1557 users of powered(More)
Whether female crickets choose among males based on characteristics of the courtship song is uncertain, but in many species, males not producing courtship song do not mate. In the house cricket,Acheta domesticus, we examined whether a female chose or rejected a male based on his size, latency to chirp, latency to produce courtship song, or rate of the(More)
The purpose of this study was to validate a mathematical model (MM) that evaluates the Conconi test and predicts 10-km race time. In addition, the relationship between ventilatory threshold (Tvent) determined from a laboratory test and heart rate deflection (HRd) from the Conconi test were examined. Seventeen trained runners performed the Conconi test, and(More)
Muscle fascicle lengths are commonly measured in vivo using static 2D ultrasound. However, static ultrasound is best suited for muscles with shorter, pennate fascicles, in which entire fascicles can be viewed in one static image. An informal review of data from cadaver dissections suggests that over 60% of muscles in the upper and lower limbs have optimal(More)
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