Christa Linder

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Histone H1 is proposed to serve a structural role in nucleosomes and chromatin fibers, to affect the spacing of nucleosomes, and to act as a general repressor of transcription. To test these hypotheses, a gene coding for a sea urchin histone H1 was expressed from the inducible GAL1 promoter in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by use of a YEp vector for high(More)
The present study tested (1) whether xamoterol recruits an inotropic reserve in reperfused myocardium and (2) whether acute inotropic stimulation by xamoterol has deleterious consequences on the long-term recovery of the reperfused myocardium. Sixteen anaesthetized, open-chest dogs were bilaterally vagotomized and heart rate kept constant by left atrial(More)
Apart from their established use in the treatment of hypertension and heat failure, ACE inhibitors have been suggested to exert anti-ischemic effects. This article reviews the mechanisms of systemic and intracardiac angiotensin formation, as well as its interaction with the bradykinin, the prostaglandin, and the sympathetic nervous system. While high doses(More)
Functional characterization of membrane channels by patch clamp techniques has revealed great diversity of transmitter or Voltage gated channels in native membranes. Concomitantly recombinant DNA techniques revealed a plethora of genes encoding channel subunits. Thus functional diversity within a particular class of channels may be generated by families of(More)
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