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Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) improve on a vegetarian diet or supplementation with fish oil. We investigated the effects of both dietary measures, alone and in combination, on inflammation, fatty acid composition of erythrocyte lipids, eicosanoids, and cytokine biosynthesis in patients with RA. Methods. Sixty-eight patients with definitive RA were(More)
BACKGROUND The negative impact of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) on airway diseases in children is well known. Whether there is an effect on atopic eczema is not clear. OBJECTIVES To determine the impact of ETS on atopic eczema, allergic sensitization and allergic airway diseases in 1669 school beginners. METHODS The prevalence of atopy-related(More)
Unter Verwendung von spezifischen Antikörpern ist es möglich, mit Hilfe immunhistologischer Methoden die Verteilung der verschiedenen Kollagentypen und auch die Kollagensynthese einzelner Zellen zu verfolgen. Diese Methode wurde angewendet, um die Kollagensynthese von Chondrocyten im normalen Gelenkknorpel, Epiphysenknorpel der Wachstumsplatte,(More)
Cyclosporine A (CyA) is a powerful nonsteroidal immunosuppressive agent used to prevent graft rejection of organ and bone marrow transplants. A major side effect observed can be attributed to the fibroblast and its functions: proliferation of fibroblasts and formation of fibrotic tissue in the gingiva (fibrous hyperplasia) and in the kidney are induced. The(More)
BACKGROUND Mite allergen exposure is an important risk factor for specific IgE production and is associated with asthma, hay fever and eczema. Whether these associations are independent of mite species has not been investigated so far. OBJECTIVES To investigate the influence of exposure to the major house dust mite (HDM) allergens Der p 1 and Der f 1 on(More)
Fibroblasts derived from skin biopsies of a patient with a congenital defect of connective tissue revealed a disturbance in collagen synthesis. The defect was found in the mechanism that controls the type of collagen synthesized. Biochemical data as well as evaluation of immunofluorescent micrographs using collagen type-specific antibodies, suggested that(More)
Hormonal changes occuring during pregnancy are known to induce periodontal changes and may therefore influence preexisting periodontal diseases negatively. Since glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and collagen are the principal constituents of the matrix, the influence of progesterone on their synthesis was chosen as an assay system. Confluent human gingival(More)
Human gingival fibroblasts were used to study the effects of increasing concentrations of glucose on protein, collagen and glycosaminoglycan (GAG) synthesis. GAG-synthesis was measured as incorporation of 3H-glucosamine into pronase-resistant macromolecules and collagen synthesis was evaluated by 3H-proline incorporation into collagenase-sensitive protein.(More)
Calcium antagonists are the gold standard in the therapy of coronary heart disease and hypertension. The prototype of these drugs is nifedipine which, as well as its therapeutic effects on the cells of the cardiovascular system, also has unpleasant side effects on other organ systems. One side effect can be a missive hyperplasia of the gingiva, the reason(More)