Christa Leiendecker

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A simple, convenient, and rapid method for determining ammonia in plasma by the glutamate dehydrogenase reaction is described for the centrifugal analyzer. The measuring principle is fixed-time, with NADH as the coenzyme. ADP is added to stabilize glutamate dehydrogenase and prevent interference from endogenous plasma ADP. The reaction is linear to 400(More)
A method involving the molybdenum blue reaction for measurement of serum phosphorus using a centrifugal analyzer is described. The need to measure a separate serum blank is eliminated by measuring the rate of color development compared to that of a known standard. The procedure which uses o-phenylenediamine as a reductant is precise and compares well with a(More)
Härter et al.s (2010) statement points to differences in the interpretation of the German National Guidelines for the treatment of depression and adds some of the recommendations missing in the original paper. The response again stresses the general consensus and relates to controversies that did not find entry into the recommendations, although they are(More)
The paper introduces the new German Guidelines for the Treatment of Unipolar Depression in Adults. An overview is given of the long timespan of the development and the process of consensus decisions. We report the essential parts of the statements and recommendations. The recommendations in the guidelines stress the importance of psychotherapeutic(More)
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