Christa J Caruso

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A case-control study of risk factors for acute diarrhea was conducted among children under 3 years of age attending a health maintenance organization clinic in Houston, Texas. During a 19-month period from September 1985 through March 1987, 339 children with diarrhea and 363 age- and season-stratified controls were enrolled. A total of 90% of cases were(More)
*Corresponding author: U.S. Geological Survey Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, Global Change Program, Science Center, Glacier National Park, West Glacier, Montana 59936, U.S.A. {Big Sky Institute, 106 AJM Johnson Hall, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana 59717, U.S.A. {U.S. Geological Survey Science Center, West Glacier(More)
BACKGROUND The desire to retain personal control over self and life circumstances continues into old age; it exists in tension with late-life vulnerabilities. OBJECTIVES This article investigates how older adults respond to threats against control in light of changes surrounding health and identity. METHODS Community-dwelling African American (n = 10)(More)