Christa B. Loonen

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We present six patients with acquired aphasia with convulsive disorder (Landau-Kleffner syndrome) and distill the main clinical features from a review of the recent literature. Our series showed that the clinical picture can vary at onset, as well as during the course of the illness, and that the long-term outcome of the aphasia is quite unpredictable,(More)
  • Johanna M.P. Van den Hout, Johannes B.C. De Klerk, +10 authors Johan Van Hove
  • 2004
Objective. Recent reports warn that the worldwide cell culture capacity is insufficient to fulfill the increasing demand for human protein drugs. Production in milk of transgenic animals is an attractive alternative. Kilogram quantities of product per year can be obtained at relatively low costs, even in small animals such as rabbits. We tested the(More)
(1) A simple method is described for the isolation of the lysosomal enzyme, acid alpha-glucosidase (alpha-D-glucoside glucohydrolase, EC from normal human liver. Antibodies raised against the purified enzyme were immobilized by covalent coupling to Sepharose 4B. (2) Acid alpha-glucosidase can be quantitatively removed from normal urine by(More)
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