Chrisophe Desouches

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People aged >or=65 years represent a growing population within burns units in the Western world. In 2001, this group was reported to rise to 20% of such admissions. We reviewed the records of 265 burn cases with complete admission and discharge histories, from January 1990 to December 2003 in an A-level regional burns centre. The predictive value of age,(More)
BACKGROUND Autologous fat graft, by virtue of its volumetric qualities and its action on skin trophicity, can be considered as a gold standard implant. Current techniques do not allow very superficial or subdermal injections of adipose tissue. The authors report technical modifications that enable fat transfer through a 25-gauge cannula. The viability of(More)
BACKGROUND Rhinoplasty sequelae can be difficult to treat, especially in patients with thin skin. Autologous fat grafting is already used in numerous applications in plastic surgery. However, its use in the nasal region remains relatively uncommon. Given its volumetric qualities and its action on cutaneous trophicity, adipose tissue can be considered the(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Fingertip crush injuries are frequent in young children. Rigorous care is required to avoid esthetic and functional sequelae, but treatment is often difficult. We report our experience focusing on simple therapeutic principles useful for everyday practice in the emergency room. MATERIAL AND METHODS We reviewed retrospectively 91(More)
INTRODUCTION Nerve injury compromises sensory and motor functions. Techniques of peripheral nerve repair are based on our knowledge regarding regeneration. Microsurgical techniques introduced in the late 1950s and widely developed for the past 20 years have improved repairs. However, functional recovery following a peripheral mixed nerve injury is still(More)
The use of pre-filled valveless gas canisters for lamps or camping stoves has caused a number of serious burn incidents. We performed a retrospective analysis of all of the patients who were victims of such incidents admitted to the Marseille Burn Centre between January 1990 and March 2004. There were a total of 21 patients burned in such conditions. Adult(More)
INTRODUCTION Compared to single mother-hood, the twin pregnancy results in important esthetic and functional sequelae of the abdominal wall. The considerable uterine growth involves a musculocutaneous diastasis of both the supra-umbilical and the infra-umbilical area. This study presents the modified abdominoplasty technique with an inverted T scar as the(More)
At the "Grand Café" in Paris, on december 28, 1895 Louis and Auguste Lumiere displayed the cinematograph, a technical innovation that revolutionized the nascent motion picture. It was the first public projection of a film. While Louis continues his work on pictures and invents autochrome plates for colour photography, Auguste focused his interests on(More)