Chris Zoppou

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We describe a mathematical model of the flow and deformation in a human teat. Our aim is to compare the theoretical milk yield during infant breast feeding with that obtained through the use of a breast pump. Infants use a peristaltic motion of the tongue, along with some suction, to extract milk, whereas breast pumps use a cyclic pattern of suction only.(More)
There is a role for computer models in increasing the understanding of milk extraction from the human teat. A computer model can be used to investigate aspects of extracting milk from the human teat which are not feasible using clinical experiments. In this paper, the behavior of the human teat during an infant suckling and with the use of a breast pump is(More)
Impacts to the built environment from a hazard such tsunami are critical in understanding the economic and social effects of such events on our communities. In order to better understand these effects, Geoscience Australia and the Australian National University are developing a software modelling tool for the simulation of inundation of coastal areas by(More)
This paper demonstrates the use of shape-preserving exponential interpolation in a characteristic based numerical scheme for the solution of the linear advective-diiusion equation. The results from this scheme are compared with results from a number of numerical schemes in current use using test problems in one-and two-dimensions. These test cases are used(More)
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