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OBJECTIVE Plasmakinetic vaporesection of the prostate (PKVP) using normal saline irrigation has the theoretical advantage of avoiding transurethral resection syndrome and minimizing blood loss. It may also shorten the operative time since tissue is resected instead of just vaporized. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficiency, safety and(More)
PURPOSE Anorectal angle and perineal descent can be measured either by drawing a line defined by the impression of the puborectalis muscle and the tangential of the posterior rectal wall (Method A) or by drawing a straight line at the level of the posterior rectal wall parallel to the central longitudinal axis of the rectum (Method B). The aim of this study(More)
The HGF/c-Met pathway is an important regulator of signaling pathways responsible for invasion and metastasis of most human cancers, including prostate cancer. Exposure of DU145 prostate tumor cells to HGF stimulates the PI3-kinase and MAPK pathways, leading to increased scattering, motility, and invasion, which was prevented by the addition of EGCG. EGCG(More)
OBJECTIVES Statins are a well-known primary and secondary prevention drug for cardiovascular disease and NICE guidelines have been issued to identify key indicators for their use. An audit looking into statin prescribing for medical inpatients was carried out in two geographically distinct London hospitals. DESIGN A prospective inpatient audit of medical(More)
Rapid advances in communications and computing technology have opened up new opportunities for clinical teleradiology. The quality of teleradiology reporting, when carried out properly, is on par with onsite reporting, and offers the potential for increased accuracy and improved patient outcomes. Local and international industry organisations and(More)
The main purpose of this study was to investigate how loneliness was associated with social support and family function among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in an HIV-stricken area of China. Two hundred and nineteen PLWHA were surveyed using the UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles)-Loneliness Scale, the Social Support Rate Scale and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the results of X-ray and CT scan for dysbaric osteonecrosis in Chinese divers. METHODS Both shoulders, hips and knees of 66 asymptomatic divers with diving duration of more than one year were examined by X-ray and CT scan. RESULTS The most frequent locations of dysbaric osteonecrosis were the upper femurs, followed by the upper(More)
Wide-area network traffic engineering enables network operators to reduce congestion and improve utilization by balancing load across multiple paths. Current approaches to traffic engineering can be modeled in terms of a routing component that computes forwarding paths, and a load balancing component that maps incoming flows onto those paths dynamically,(More)