Chris Yee Yung Yu

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The first mitochondrion-anchoring photosensitizer that specifically generates singlet oxygen (1 O2 ) in mitochondria under white light irradiation that can serve as a highly effective radiosensitizer is reported here, significantly sensitizing cancer cells to ionizing radiation. An aggregation-induced emission luminogen (AIEgen), namely DPA-SCP, is(More)
An isothiocyanate-functionalized tetraphenylethene is synthesized and used as a fluorescent bioprobe for mitochondrion imaging with high specificity and photostability. The covalent conjugation of the bioprobe to mitochondrial proteins endows it with high resistance to microenvironmental changes, enabling it for real-time monitoring of mitophagy.
A tetraphenylethene-based caged compound (TPE-C) is designed and synthesized. TPE-C is non-fluorescent either in solution or in aggregated state, but its emission can be induced to emit strong cyan emission in the aggregated state by UV irradiation. This property enables TPE-C to be applied in photo-patterning and anti-counterfeiting related areas.
A new drug concentration meter is developed. In vivo drug release can be monitored precisely via a self-indicating drug delivery system consisting of a new aggregation-induced emission thermoresponsive hydrogel. By taking the advantage of a self-indicating system, one can easily detect the depletion of drugs, and reinject to maintain a dosage in the optimal(More)
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