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As it had previously been demonstrated that there were reduced brain dopamine concentrations in monkeys who had been given polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) chronically, we hypothesized that organochlorine compounds in general, and PCBs in particular, might be important in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease (PD). In a study of caudate nucleus obtained(More)
(ABSTRACT) License plate recognition/identification (LPR/I) applies image processing and character recognition technology to identify vehicles by automatically reading their license plates. In the United States, however, each state has its own standard-issue plates, plus several optional styles, which are referred to as special license plates or varieties.(More)
The vervet monkey is an important nonhuman primate model that allows the study of isolated environmental factors in a controlled environment. Analysis of monkey MRI often suffers from lower quality images compared with human MRI because clinical equipment is typically used to image the smaller monkey brain and higher spatial resolution is required. This,(More)
6 [1] Soil moisture is a critical element in the hydrological cycle especially in a semiarid 7 or arid region. Point measurement to comprehend the soil moisture distribution 8 contiguously in a vast watershed is difficult because the soil moisture patterns might 9 greatly vary temporally and spatially. Space-borne radar imaging satellites have been 10(More)
Biometrics includes the study of automatic methods for distinguishing human beings based on physical or behavioral traits. The problem of finding good biometric features and recognition methods has been researched extensively in recent years. Our research considers the use of ears as a biometric for human recognition. Researchers have not considered this(More)
Two experiments were conducted to first determine Met then Cys needs of broilers from 3 to 6 wk of age and whether differences existed between slow-feathering (Ross x 308) and fast-feathering (Ross x 3F8) males. A corn-soybean meal diet (20.0% CP; 3,150 kcal ME/kg) with graded levels of Met or Cys was offered. The first experiment had dietary Met levels of(More)
This paper describes a complete algorithm to estimate the motion of a fixed-wing aircraft given a series of digitized flight images. The algorithm was designed for fixed-wing aircraft because carefully procured flight images and corresponding navigation data were available to us for testing. After image pre-processing, optic flow data is determined by(More)
Emerging technologies such as wireless local area networks and cellular telephones have dramatically increased the use of wireless communications services within the last 10 years. The shortage of available spectrum exists due to increasing demand for wireless services and current spectrum allocation regulations. To alleviate this shortage, Research aims to(More)
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