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Generating new life in animals by sexual reproduction depends on adequate communication between mature and competent male and female gametes. Ion channels are instrumental in the dialogue between sperm, its environment, and the egg. The ability of sperm to swim to the egg and fertilize it is modulated by ion permeability changes induced by environmental(More)
Ion channels are extraordinarily efficient machines that move ions in diversely controlled manners, allowing cells to rapidly exchange information with the outside world and with other cells. Communication is the currency of fertilization, as it is of most fundamental cell signaling events. Ion channels are deeply involved in the dialogue between sperm, its(More)
Today, due to exciting developments in advanced computing techniques and technologies, many scientists can now make use of dedicated high speed networks and high performance computing. This so-called 'e-Science' is enabling scientists across many fields to work together in global virtual research communities. What do these advancements mean for modeling and(More)
The Collaborative Computational Project for Electron cryo-Microscopy (CCP-EM) has recently been established. The aims of the project are threefold: to build a coherent cryoEM community which will provide support for individual scientists and will act as a focal point for liaising with other communities, to support practising scientists in their use of(More)
Significant focus has been placed on the development of functionality in simulation software to aid the development of models. As such simulation is becoming an increasingly pervasive technology across major business sectors. This has been of great benefit to the simulation community increasing the number of projects undertaken that allow organizations to(More)
Volunteers are increasingly being recruited into citizen science projects to collect observations for scientific studies. An additional goal of these projects is to engage and educate these volunteers. Thus, there are few barriers to participation resulting in volunteer observers with varying ability to complete the project's tasks. To improve the quality(More)
As the resolutions of Three Dimensional Electron Microscopic reconstructions of biological macromolecules are being improved, there is a need for better fitting and refinement methods at high resolutions and robust approaches for model assessment. Flex-EM/MODELLER has been used for flexible fitting of atomic models in intermediate-to-low resolution density(More)
  • Claire N. Spottiswoode, Urban Olsson, Michael S. L. Mills, Callan Cohen, Julian E. Francis, Negussie Toye +6 others
  • 2013
The African lark genus Heteromirafra is thought to consist of three threatened species inhabiting mid-altitude grasslands, one in South Africa and two in the Horn of Africa. One of the latter, Archer’s Lark H. archeri of Somaliland, has not been seen with certainty since 1922. We surveyed its type locality as well as a nearby area of grassland east of(More)