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We had shown that striatal DA D2 receptors levels predicted the reinforcing responses to the psychostimulant drug methylphenidate in nondrug-abusing subjects. Here, we assessed the replicability of this finding. We measured D2 receptors with PET and [(11)C]raclopride (twice to determine stability) in seven nondrug-abusing subjects to assess if they(More)
The Cancer Genome Atlas Pan-Cancer Analysis Working Group collaborated on the Synapse software platform to share and evolve data, results and methodologies while performing integrative analysis of molecular profiling data from 12 tumor types. The group's work serves as a pilot case study that provides (i) a template for future large collaborative studies;(More)
Media portraying violence is part of daily exposures. The extent to which violent media exposure impacts brain and behavior has been debated. Yet there is not enough experimental data to inform this debate. We hypothesize that reaction to violent media is critically dependent on personality/trait differences between viewers, where those with the propensity(More)
INTRODUCTION There are shortages in community-based general practice placements for medical students. Innovative ways to teach the skills required in general practice are needed. AIM To assess the effectiveness of 'simulated' general practice clinics using actors, compared with standard community-based general practice attachments in medical undergraduate(More)
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