Chris Wolff

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The automated generation of timing models from gate-level netlists facilitates IP reuse and dramatically improves chip-level STA runtime in a hierarchical design flow. In this paper we discuss two different approaches to model generation, the design flows they lend themselves to and results from the application of these model generation solutions to large(More)
BACKGROUND Outbreaks of poliomyelitis in African countries that were previously free of wild-type poliovirus cost the Global Polio Eradication Initiative US$850 million during 2003-2009, and have limited the ability of the program to focus on endemic countries. A quantitative understanding of the factors that predict the distribution and timing of outbreaks(More)
Hello Sociologists, Welcome, welcome, welcome to our fall 2012 department newsletter. You'll notice some changes from the previous newsletter—we've added more vibrant colors, more pictures, and more news. That said we are always looking for new ways to reconnect and share with Loyola alum. If you have any new news, old news, or just any news that you'd like(More)
The new year and new semester are well underway. The customary scramble that accompanies the beginning of every semester has now settled into normal hustle of academia. Preparations for the next journey have begun while keeping today's quest on track. There are papers to write, papers to read, papers to present; applications to complete; research to conduct(More)
Hello In Solidarity readers, and welcome to the 2011-2012 academic year. We are beginning this new academic year with 148 majors, 147 minors, 16 Soc/Anth majors, and 84 graduate students, so the department is going to be hopping! Our past spring 2011 semester was quite busy and very productive, culminating in May with the graduation of nine Ph.D., six M.A(More)
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