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Pseudoclefts and ellipsis
This paper argues that specificational pseudoclefts (SPCs) come in two types. In SPCs with the order wh-clause < be < XP (Type A), the wh-clause is a question and XP is a full finite IP, usuallyExpand
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Some Properties of Ellipsis in Coordination
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Possessors, predicates and movement in the determiner phrase
1. List of Contributors 2. Introduction (by Alexiadou, Artemis) 3. On the deficient/strong Opposition in Possessive Systems (by Cardinaletti, Anna) 4. Possessors, Articles and Definiteness (byExpand
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Right Node Raising and the LCA
Laut Wilder kann man diese mittels dreier Mechanismen erfassen: ATB movement of the shared constituent out of the coordination. Expand
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Long Head Movement? Verb movement and cliticization in Croatian
Abstract Croatian, along with other Slavic, and some Romance languages, has type of verb-fronting — the ‘Long Head Movement’ (LHM) construction — in which a non-finite verb raises to C 0 across aExpand
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Coordination, ATB and ellipsis
"Shared constituents" such as what did in (3) are then to be handled in terms of ellipsis. In short, I advocate a return to the "large-conjunct-plus-reduction" conception of coordinations associatedExpand
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Adjectival Modification and Multiple Determiners
One surprising characteristic of Greek definite DPs is that multiple occurrences of the same definite determiner in the same noun phrase are possible. This is illustrated in (2), where each adjectiveExpand
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Word Order Variation, Verb Movement and Economy Principles
Abstract. In Chomsky's Minimalist framework, word order variation reflects different movement options arising from interaction between parametrized morphological properties of functional items andExpand
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On Cliticization in Croatian : Syntax or Prosody ?
In the following paper it will be argued that the phonological approach to clitic placement in Serbian/Croatian, as proposed in Zec & Inkelas (1990), not only fails to explain the observed phenomena,Expand
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