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This chapter examines issues on ICT-related coordination and control between the head offices of a UK manufacturing multinational in England and Hong Kong, and one of its joint ventures in Mainland China. Giddens' theory of modernity and an anthropological view of culture are used to analyze and interpret the case. As an expert system, in Giddens' terms,(More)
In the last 10 years, the majority of large companies have attempted to install Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, replacing functional systems with a standardised company-wide system. However, making an ERP system work, we contend, is more than an issue of technical expertise or social accommodation: it is an ongoing, dynamic interaction between(More)
Acknowledgements: We gratefully acknowledge the support of the (UK) Economic and Social Research Council's Evolution of Business Knowledge research programme (Grant no RES-334-25-0012). We would like to thank all those who we interviewed for their assistance. We would also like to thank Alf Rehn and the participants to the 21 th-July 2 nd 2005 for their(More)