Chris W. K. Chow

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The dissolved organic matter (DOM) plays significant role in water safety due to not only the natural occurrence but also man-induced pollution. To characterize and predict DOM treatability becomes therefore a very important and hot topic. In this paper, enhanced coagulation by four typical coagulants (FeCl3, Al2(SO4)3, polyaluminum chloride (PAC) and high(More)
To the Editor: In an interesting article, Accarino et al . (1) found that pyridostigmine unexpectedly induced only a slight improvement of bloating in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but did not explain why in previous research neostigmine (2) , as well as other prokinetics (3) , markedly improved bloating. We believe that the explanation lies(More)
Zeta potential was assessed as a tool to optimise pre chlorination and coagulation at Happy Valley WTP. Samples were obtained from jar tests using raw water spiked with green algal cells. Treatments including pre-chlorination, polyelectrolyte addition and alum dose were investigated. Results indicate that: pre chlorination of algal spiked raw water had a(More)
To the Editor: Hemosuccus pancreaticus, or bleeding from the ampulla of Vater, is an uncommon cause of gastrointestinal hemorrhage and can occur in the setting of pancreas divisum as well as pancreatic tumors. It has never previously been reported in association with multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) syndrome. We describe a case of hemosuccus pancreaticus(More)
Physical therapy is difficult and expensive to administer. It requires interaction with trained medical professionals and, for most people, it is only feasible to have a couple of hours of therapy per day. Doctors also collect very little data around the therapy they conduct, which has left the medical community with a large knowledge gap. This document(More)
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