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A range of common software components are gradually being integrated into the infrastructures that support safety-critical systems. These include network management tools, operating systems-especially Linux, Voice Over IP (VOIP) communications technologies, Satellite Based Augmentation Systems for navigation/timing data etc. The increasing use of these(More)
Location awareness is a crucial part of the context-awareness mechanism for ubicomputing. This paper explores how usefull is the location awareness history for an office based low-cost context-awareness environment. Capturing location awareness data into a relational database is simple and feasible in office environment. We use extended SQL to access the(More)
The Intelligent Environment consists of ubiquitous connectivity in sensor rich environments coupled with adaptive technologies that allow access from multiple devices with varying capabilities. Context information is drawn from what the Intelligent Environment can sense about its current physical and computational environments. This context information(More)
Safety cases provide high-level support for the development of critical systems. They present a graphical overview of arguments and evidence to demonstrate that complex applications are acceptably safe within a particular context of use. This paper shows how safety cases support the application of the latest generation of augmented Global Navigation(More)
There appears to be a reasonably common understanding about plagiarism and collusion in essays and other assessment items written in prose text. However, most assessment items in computing are not based in prose. There are computer programs, databases, spreadsheets, and web designs, to name but a few. It is far from clear that the same sort of consensus(More)
A computerised system supporting public presentations that are " personalised " at two levels is now possible. Firstly, the system exploits context information to adapt the large-screen projected presentation on the basis of who is in the audience. Secondly, the system makes use of the display devices of individuals in the audience: these provide an(More)
Incident reporting has been proposed as an important means of identifying and addressing the causes of human error in medicine, and initiatives to implement these schemes have been set up in many countries. However, incident reporting has its limitations. Many people have been too ready to believe the overstated claims about the effectiveness of incident(More)
This paper reports on research that used focus groups and a national online survey of computing students at Australian universities to investigate perceptions of acceptable academic practices in writing program code for assessment. The results indicate that computing students lack a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes acceptable academic(More)