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copies (URN 07/989) can be ordered via the search facility at 2 Executive Summary This report examines innovation in experiential services. These are services where the focus is on the experience of the customer when interacting with the organisation, rather than just the functional benefits following from the products and services delivered. The report is(More)
This paper contributes to, and links the areas of quality management and buyer-supplier relationships. In doing so, we seek to address two broad research questions. To what extent do quality practices impact upon the various dimensions of quality performance, manufacturing performance and, in turn, business performance? To what extent is the relationship(More)
Introduction In reviewing the impact of the broad set of manufacturing practices commonly known as world-class manufacturing, the degree to which their adoption and use is affected by national background emerges as a set of research questions. We have used data from the UK and Germany, two countries considered to represent extremes of manufacturing(More)
This paper is concerned with the discipline of Operations Management. The paper looks at the convergence and divergence of research in OM in Scandinavia, the US, and the UK. The three di!erent research traditions are described and analysed separately and then compared and contrasted. A short example is presented from the management of advanced technology(More)