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We have developed a solid-phase, high-throughput (10,000 clones/day) screen for dioxygenase activity. The cis-dihydrodiol product of dioxygenase bioconversion is either converted to a phenol by acidification or to a catechol by reaction with cis-dihydrodiol dehydrogenase. Gibbs reagent reacts quickly with these oxygenated aromatics to yield colored products(More)
Hit- and run traffic accidents frequently occur because an intention to hide drunkenness. Later, the accused claims that he or she had amnesia due to concussion at the time of accident and what followed. In most cases, the question arises as to whether it is the truth or just a story to protect the defendant from punishment. To study this question, 70(More)
T issue of ACS Synthetic Biology contains articles that were originally submitted as part of the inaugural Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution, and Design (SEED) conference, held July, 2014, in Manhattan Beach, CA. SEED is an annual technical conference dedicated to the broad set of technologies that make up the discipline of Synthetic Biology. SEED(More)
Die Vorabdelegation der Medikamentengabe an Rettungsassistenten (RA) durch Ärztliche Leiter Rettungsdienst (ÄLRD) bei starken Schmerzen ist – im Gegensatz zur Praxis bei akuter Vitalbedrohung – bislang die Ausnahme. Bei nichtvitalen Störungen muss das Verhältnis von Wirkung und Nebenwirkungen besonders sorgfältig abgewogen werden, und je nach Substanzgruppe(More)
For judgment of late morbidity we investigated 52 children after vaginal delivery in breech presentation age from 5 to 7 years. This concerned 27 children after assisted spontaneous labour and 25 children after manual expression according to Bracht. All the children were mature and eutrophic and without neonatal distress after delivery. They were explored(More)
BACKGROUND In contrast to the widespread practice in life-threatening emergencies, delegation of medical pain therapy to paramedics by the medical director  of Emergency Medical Services, EMS, are still the exception in Germany. This is due to the fact that in non-life-threatening situations, the expected benefit and potential side effects of drug therapy(More)
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