Chris Vincent

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BACKGROUND Many eHealth technologies are not successful in realizing sustainable innovations in health care practices. One of the reasons for this is that the current development of eHealth technology often disregards the interdependencies between technology, human characteristics, and the socioeconomic environment, resulting in technology that has a low(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Utilization of personal digital assistants (PDAs) in residency education is common, but information about their use and how residents are trained to use them is limited. Better understanding of resident and faculty PDA use and training is needed. METHODS We used a cross-sectional survey of 598 residents and faculty from the WWAMI(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The University of Washington Family Practice Residency Network (UW Network) is in the process of implementing a Palm Pilot-based procedure and delivery documentation system throughout 16 residency programs. Our study examined the experiences of past UW Network graduates in obtaining hospital privileges and in documenting procedures(More)
A Cochrane Collaboration review of 19 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with a total of 3,584 participants found moderate evidence that back schools (where participants learn about back anatomy and function, mechanical strain and posture, and where exercise and activity programs are introduced) in occupational settings are effective in diminishing pain,(More)
Many interactive medical devices are less easy to use than they might be, and do not fit as well as they could in their contexts of use. Occasionally, the deficiencies lead to serious incidents; more often, they have a less visible effect on the resilience and efficiency of healthcare systems. These issues remain largely invisible as they are not reported(More)
The design of medical devices directly affects the way healthcare practitioners carry out their daily tasks. Users welcome design that takes into account the clinical environment, in which the device is operated and is compatible with their workflow. However, if the design fails to fit, the likelihood of errors increases, which will put patient safety at(More)
Medical devices are essential tools for modern healthcare delivery. However, significant issues can arise if medical devices are designed for 'work as imagined' when this is misaligned with 'work as done'. This problem can be compounded as the details of device design, in terms of usability and the way a device supports or changes working practices, often(More)
We explore the sharp uptrend in trading activity during recent years. Higher turnover has been associated with more frequent smaller trades, which have progressively formed a larger fraction of trading volume over time. Evidence indicates that secular decreases in trading costs have influenced the turnover trend. Turnover has increased the most for stocks(More)