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The credibility of web sites is becoming an increasingly important area to understand. To expand knowledge in this domain, we conducted an online study that investigated how different elements of Web sites affect people's perception of credibility. Over 1400 people participated in this study, both from the U.S. and Europe, evaluating 51 different Web site(More)
Classic techniques for simulating molecular motion, such as the Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics methods, generate individual motion pathways one at a time and spend most of their time trying to escape from the local minima of the energy landscape of a molecule. Their high computational cost prevents them from being used to analyze many pathways. We(More)
Nearly three decades have passed since the invention of electrophoretic methods for DNA sequencing. The exponential growth in the cost-effectiveness of sequencing has been driven by automation and by numerous creative refinements of Sanger sequencing, rather than through the invention of entirely new methods. Various novel sequencing technologies are being(More)
Understanding the dynamics of ligand-protein interactions is indispensable in the design of novel therapeutic agents. In this paper, we establish the use of Stochastic Roadmap Simulation (SRS) for the study of ligand-protein interactions through two studies. In our first study, we measure the effects of mutations on the catalytic site of a protein, a(More)
We conducted an online survey about Web credibility, which included over 1400 participants. People reported that Web site credibility increases when the site conveys a real-world presence, is easy to use, and is updated often. People reported that a Web site loses credibility when it has errors, technical problems, or distracting advertisements. Our study(More)
One of the major functions of cytokines is their ability to regulate cell growth and differentiation. The complexity of this process has been highlighted by recent studies on murine thymocytes; it has been shown that a number of cytokines interact to regulate thymocyte growth. We have investigated the effects of interleukin 4 (IL-4) and interleukin 7 (IL-7)(More)
The problems of protein folding and ligand docking have been explored largely using molecular dynamics or Monte Carlo methods. These methods are very compute intensive because they often explore a much wider range of energies, conformations and time than necessary. In addition, Monte Carlo methods often get trapped in local minima. We initially showed that(More)
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