Chris Van Hoof

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An ECG signal processing method with quad level vector (QLV) is proposed for the ECG holter system. The ECG processing consists of the compression flow and the classification flow, and the QLV is proposed for both flows to achieve better performance with low-computation complexity. The compression algorithm is performed by using ECG skeleton and the Huffman(More)
This paper describes a mixed-signal ECG System-on-Chip (SoC) that is capable of implementing configurable functionality with low-power consumption for portable ECG monitoring applications. A low-voltage and high performance analog front-end extracts 3-channel ECG signals and single channel electrode-tissue-impedance (ETI) measurement with high signal(More)
More than a decade of research in the field of thermal, motion, vibration and electromagnetic radiation energy harvesting has yielded increasing power output and smaller embodiments. Power management circuits for rectification and DC–DC conversion are becoming able to efficiently convert the power from these energy harvesters. This paper summarizes recent(More)
– A fully autonomous inductive boost converter for indoor photovoltaic harvesting with maximum power point tracking circuit is implemented in a commercial 0.25μm CMOS process. The converter can handle input power from 5μW up to 10mW and charge a battery or a super-capacitor up to 5V. Its control circuit consumes between 0.8μA and 2.1μA depending on the(More)
This paper gives an overview of the results of BMEC's Human++ research program. This program aims to achieve highly miniaturized and autonomous sensor systems that enable people to carry their personal body area network. The body area network will provide medical, lifestyle, assisted living, sports or entertainment functions. It combines expertise in(More)
Power efficiency of readout circuits for ambulatory monitoring of biopotential signals has been significantly improved during recent years [1]-[3], leaving digital signal processing (DSP) and wireless transmission dominating the system power [4]. In addition, field tests have revealed that motion artifacts are a significant problem requiring even more(More)