Chris Umans

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In this article, we present a novel technique for visualization of three-dimensional (3D) surface models, as well as its implementation in a system called AnatomyBrowser. Using our approach, visualization of 3D surface models is performed in two separate steps: a pre-rendering step, in which the models are rendered and saved in a special format, and an(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to thank my advisors Oded Regev and Amnon Ta-Shma for their sage advise and a lot of support during my PhD. I would like to thank them for caring so much and for helping me with everything that I have ever asked for and even more. I would like to thank my lab mates, Avi Ben-Aroya, Iftah Gamzu, Michal Moshkovitz, and Ishay Haviv(More)
In an online decision problem, an algorithm performs a sequence of trials, each of which involves selecting one element from a fixed set of alternatives (the "strategy set") whose costs vary over time. After T trials, the combined cost of the algorithm's choices is compared with that of the single strategy whose combined cost is minimum. Their difference is(More)
Deenition 4.1 A constant depth circuit is a circuit whose input nodes are labeled with x 1 ; x 2 ; : : : x n and x 1 ; x 2 ; : : : x n , with a constant number of levels of gates, each of which is an AND gate or an OR gate with unbounded fan-in. We will establish a lower bound for the parity function x 1 x 2 x n , which can also be viewed as fx = x 1 + x 2(More)
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