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The Matter of Serial Fiction
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Propositions and Parthood: The Universe and Anti-Symmetry
It is plausible that the universe exists: a thing such that absolutely everything is a part of it. It is also plausible that singular, structured propositions exist: propositions that literally haveExpand
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Parts of Singletons
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Benacerraf’s revenge
In a series of recent publications, Jeffrey King (The nature and structure of content, 2007; Proc Aristot Soc 109(3):257–277, 2009; Philos Stud, 2012) argues for a view on which propositions areExpand
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Not the optimistic type
In recent work, Peter Hanks and Scott Soames argue for the type view, according to which propositions are types whose tokens are acts, states, or events. Hanks and Soames think that one of theExpand
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Reconciling justificatory internalism and content externalism
This paper presents a new view in the metaphysics of belief that is widely adopted by content externalists: one that appeals to vehicles of content. Expand
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Behavior Therapy and Autism: Issues in Diagnosis and Treatment
Behavior analysis has demonstrated utility when it comes to the treatment of autism. Still behavior analysts continue to refine and develop their techniques. This article conceptualizes autism withinExpand
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Necessity of origins and multi-origin art
ABSTRACT The Necessity of Origins is the thesis that, necessarily, if a material object wholly originates from some particular material, then it could not have wholly originated from anyExpand