Chris Thron

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We introduce a new method for estimating determinants or determinant ratios of large matrices, which combines the techniques of Pad e approximation with rational functions and Z2 noise estimation of traces of large matrices. The method requires simultaneously solving several matrix equations, which can be conveniently accomplished using the MR method. We(More)
Nigeria's 2009-2013 malaria strategic plan adopted WHO diagnosis and treatment guidelines, which include the use of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) prior to prescribing treatment with artemisinin combination therapies (ACTs). The current study explores accessibility barriers to the use of RDTs in Niger State and makes recommendations for improving the uptake(More)
For a general quantum theory that is describable by a path integral formalism, we construct a mathematical model of an accumulation-to-threshold process whose outcomes give predictions that are nearly identical to the given quantum theory. The model is neither local nor causal in spacetime, but is both local and causal is in a non-observable path space. The(More)
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