Chris Terranova

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A universal signaling module has been described which utilizes the nuclear form of Fibroblast growth Factor Receptor 1 (FGFR1) in a central role directing the post-mitotic development of neural cells through coordinated gene expression. In this review, we discuss in detail the current knowledge of FGFR1 nuclear interaction partners in three scenarios: (i)(More)
We described two new highly polymorphic markers located 31 bp downstream of the last nucleotide of exon 12 in the 3' UTR region of the gene PLA2G7: 1344 +31TG(n) AG(m). Eight and 14 alleles were observed for the AG and TG repeats, respectively. These two markers have the highest heterozygosity until now reported for PLA2G7 gene.
In conclusion, we have demonstrated that Ag-F antigen is not present on cytotoxic splenocytes generated in vivo. Furthermore, we have preliminary evidence that mitogen- and MLR-activated T cells are both Ag-F negative and positive; however, proliferation of some Ag-F-positive precursors may be inhibited in whole lymph node populations.
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