Chris Skidmore

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The photosynthetic thylakoid has the highest level of lipid unsaturation of any membrane. In Arabidopsis thaliana plants grown at 22°C, approximately 70% of the thylakoid fatty acids are trienoic - they have three double bonds. In Arabidopsis, and other species, the levels of trienoic fatty acids decline substantially at higher temperatures. Several genetic(More)
OBJECTIVE To follow up known intravenous drug users to determine current health state and drug use, compare characteristics with those of recent drug users, and examine HIV exposure and serostate. DESIGN Subjects were identified from conventional general practice records and recruited from 1980 to the end of 1985; they were followed up during 1987 and(More)
The use of general practitioner services by a group of intravenous drug users was recorded over two two-year time periods 1984-85 and 1986-87. This was felt to represent the period of maximum change in awareness of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection by patients and medical staff. Fifty patients were randomly selected: 25 who were HIV positive and(More)
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