Chris Schultz

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Although all animal cells package and store neutral lipids in discrete intracellular storage droplets, there is little information on the molecular processes that govern either the deposition or catabolism of the stored lipid components. Studies on adipocytes have uncovered the perilipins and ADRP, related proteins that appear to be intrinsic to the(More)
The lipolytic reaction in adipocytes is one of the most important reactions in the management of bodily energy reserves, and dysregulation of this reaction may contribute to the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Yet, progress on resolving the molecular details of this reaction has been relatively slow. However, recent developments at the molecular level(More)
For several reasons it seems reasonable to suspect that perilipins participate in lipid hydrolysis. First, they are located at the lipid droplet surface, the presumed site of HSL and cholesteryl esterase action. Secondly, they are polyphosphorylated by PKA in concert with lipid hydrolysis. Finally, these proteins appear to be expressed primarily, if not(More)
Adipocyte differentiation-related protein (ADrP) is an intrinsic lipid storage droplet protein that is highly expressed in lung. ADrP localizes to lipid storage droplets within lipofibroblasts, pulmonary cells characterized by high triacylglycerol, which is a precursor for surfactant phospholipid synthesis by alveolar type II epithelial (EPII) cells. The(More)
To determine the safety, tolerability, and report on secondary efficacy endpoints of motexafin gadolinium (MGd) in combination with whole-brain radiotherapy (WBRT) and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) for patients with ≤6 brain metastases. We conducted an international study of WBRT (37.5 Gy in 15 fractions) and SRS (15–21 Gy) with the addition of MGd (5(More)
The effect of inhibitors on the glycosylation, activity and secretion of lipoprotein lipase was studied in brown adipocytes cultured from newborn mice. Such cells synthesized and secreted active lipoprotein lipase. It is generally accepted that active lipoprotein lipase is a homodimer. Glycosylation of lipoprotein lipase was analysed by PAGE of(More)
Combined lipase deficiency (cld) is a recessive mutation in mice that causes a severe lack of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and hepatic lipase (HL) activities, hyperlipemia, and death within 3 days after birth. Earlier studies showed that inactive LPL and HL were synthesized by cld/cld tissues and that LPL synthesized by cld/cld brown adipocytes was retained in(More)
This work examines the abilities of two smectite minerals (SWa-1 and Wyoming montmorillonite) to adsorb ferrous iron at concentrations from 0.037 mM (2 ppm) to 2.5 mM (240 ppm) over a range of pHs from 4.0 to 8.0. Both sorption isotherm and sorption edge data are presented. Ferrous sorption (Fe(aq)2+ = 0.1 mM) to both SWa-1 and Wyoming montmorillonite over(More)