Chris Schneider

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SUMMARY Rising complexity within muti-tier computing architectures remains an open problem. As complexity increases so do the costs associated with operating and maintaining systems within these environments. One approach for addressing these problems is to build self-healing systems (i.e., frameworks) that can autonomously detect and recover from faulty(More)
—Autonomously detecting and recovering from faults is one approach for reducing the operational complexity and costs associated with managing computing environments. We present a novel methodology for autonomously generating investigation leads that help identify systems faults, and extends our previous work in this area by leveraging Restricted Boltz-mann(More)
Autonomous fault detection represents one approach for reducing operational costs in large-scale computing environments. However, little empirical evidence exists regarding the implementation or comparison of such methodologies, or offers proof that such approaches reduce costs. This paper compares the effectiveness of several types of stochastic primitives(More)
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