Chris S. Vogel

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[1] The relationships between terrestrial carbon dioxide flux and its primary environmental drivers are uncertain because the processes controlling CO 2 cycling, especially at ecosystem scales, are not well understood. This uncertainty is compounded by the fact that the importance of controlling processes, and therefore environmental drivers, may differ(More)
Ecological multivariate systems offer a suitable data set on which to apply recent advances in information theory and causality detection. These systems are driven by the interplay of various environmental factors: meteorological and hydrological forcing, which are often correlated with each other at different time lags; and biological factors, primary(More)
  • C. Vogel
  • 2005
Vogelbilt Corporation is devoted to finding energy solutions via innovative technology. Vogelbilt has accomplished this through its research, development and manufacture of the " Electra Cruiser " , the first full-size electric motorcycle. The electric motorcycle will be appearing on several television series in the near future. With prices of(More)
This thesis describes the development and application of a software tool. RF Analyzer and Diagnostic Program Generation Tool (RADPro) has been developed to automate the process of testing the RF Device Interface Boards (DIB). DIBs are essential components for testing ICs and they contain mixed-signal and RF circuits with several active and passive(More)
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