Chris S. T. Fernandes

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While various models of undo have been proposed over the years, no empirical study has yet been done to discover which model of undo most closely aligns with what users <i>expect</i> an undo command should do. In this paper, we discuss the results of such a study that compares the ubiquitous linear undo model with two variations of selective undo: script(More)
Linear and selective undo mechanisms have been studied extensively. However, relatively little attention has been given to the semantics of selective undo in situations in which the undone command has dependency relationships with actions later in the command history. We propose a new approach to selective undo using a process modeling language from the(More)
– While many models have been suggested for improving the writing skills of students in technical fields, we contend that improving attitudes about writing is equally important. We present an approach that seeks to improve both skills and attitudes through the use of Simulated Conference submissions. In this model, students are asked to write and present as(More)
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