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This article documents the use of tipping points in climate change discourse to discuss their significance. We review the relevant literature, and discuss the popular emergence of tipping points before their adoption in climate change discourse. We describe the tipping point trend in mainstream US and UK print news media and in the primary scientific(More)
In this paper, I discuss the "inconvenient truth" strategy of Al Gore. I argue that Gore's notion of truth upholds a conception of science and policy that narrows our understanding of climate change discourse. In one notable exchange, Gore and NASA scientist, James Hansen, disagreed about whether scientific statements based on Hansen's computer simulations(More)
Online educational materials differ widely in the degree to which they feature interactivity between system and users. A three-condition, between participants controlled experiment (n=49) was designed to examine whether the level of interactivity in an online syllabus influences students’ first impressions of the course and instructor. Participants viewed(More)
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