Chris Rossbach

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We introduce computational network (CN), a unified framework for describing arbitrary learning machines, such as deep neural networks (DNNs), con-volutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), long short term memory (LSTM), logistic regression, and maximum entropy model, that can be illustrated as a series of computational steps. A CN(More)
—Immersive experiences that mix digital and real-world objects are becoming reality, but they raise serious privacy concerns as they require real-time sensor input. These experiences are already present on smartphones and game consoles via Kinect, and will eventually emerge on the web platform. However, browsers do not expose the display interfaces needed(More)
IT-driven innovation is an enormous factor in the worldwide economic leadership of the United States. It is larger than finance, construction, or transportation, and it employs nearly 6% of the US workforce. The top three companies, as measured by market capitalization, are IT companies - Apple, Google (now Alphabet), and Microsoft. Facebook, a relatively(More)
The storage needs of users have shifted from just needing to store data to requiring a rich interface which enables the efficient query of versions, snapshots and creation of clones. Providing these features in a distributed file system while maintaining scalability, strong consistency and performance remains a challenge. In this paper we introduce Silver,(More)
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