Chris Riddle

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Sensorimotor EEG shows approximately 20 Hz coherence with contralateral EMG. This could involve efferent and/or afferent components of the sensorimotor loop. We investigated the pathways responsible for coherence genesis by manipulating nervous conduction delays using cooling. Coherence between left sensorimotor EEG and right EMG from three hand and two(More)
Although the reticulospinal tract is a major descending motor pathway in mammals, its contribution to upper limb control in primates has received relatively little attention. Reticulospinal connections are widely assumed to be responsible for coordinated gross movements primarily of proximal muscles, whereas the corticospinal tract mediates fine movements,(More)
Corticomuscular coherence in the beta frequency band (15–30 Hz) has been demonstrated in both humans and monkeys, but its origin and functional role are still unclear. Phase–frequency plots produced by traditional coherence analysis are often complex. Some subjects show a clear linear phase–frequency relationship (indicative of a fixed delay) but give(More)
Human sensorimotor EEG shows oscillatory activity at approximately 10 and approximately 20 Hz; the latter frequency is coherent with contralateral EMG. The functional significance of this activity is obscure. A recent study found that corticomuscular coherence varied systematically with increasing lever compliance during a precision grip task. However,(More)
EEG recordings from motor cortex show oscillations at approximately 10 and 20 Hz. The 20-Hz oscillations are coherent with contralateral EMG; in most studies those at 10 Hz are not. However, significant 10-Hz coherence has recently been reported in a group of epileptic patients, all of whom were taking the anticonvulsant drug carbamazepine (CBZ). In a(More)
We investigated the control of spinal interneurons by corticospinal and medial brain stem descending tracts in two macaque monkeys. Stimulating electrodes were implanted in the left pyramidal tract (PT), and the right medial longitudinal fasciculus (MLF), which contains reticulospinal, vestibulospinal, and some tectospinal fibers. Single unit discharge was(More)
Liver biopsy is a common procedure, with an inherent risk of bleeding. There are different ways to help avoid hemorrhage, including biopsy through a transjugular venous route or embolization of the tract with liquid or solid materials. We describe an image-guided percutaneous core needle liver biopsy with tract embolization using thick Gelfoam slurry in a(More)
There is considerable interest in the industry in smart phones today. Even in a down economy, sales of smart phones are rising and promising to shake up the future of mobile communication. The players involved are seeking ways to differentiate themselves in this market space, and improved energy management is a key area of focus. This paper focuses on smart(More)
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