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A long-acting injectable microcapsule system for the controlled-release systemic administration of progesterone (P4) is described. The system consists of microcapsules made of the biodegradable polymer, d,l-polylactic acid, which contain crystalline P4. Following injection, P4 is released from the microcapsules by diffusion and biodegradation of the polymer(More)
There is considerable interest in the industry in smart phones today. Even in a down economy, sales of smart phones are rising and promising to shake up the future of mobile communication. The players involved are seeking ways to differentiate themselves in this market space, and improved energy management is a key area of focus. This paper focuses on smart(More)
Liver biopsy is a common procedure, with an inherent risk of bleeding. There are different ways to help avoid hemorrhage, including biopsy through a transjugular venous route or embolization of the tract with liquid or solid materials. We describe an image-guided percutaneous core needle liver biopsy with tract embolization using thick Gelfoam slurry in a(More)
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