Chris Proctor

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Agricultural Census data is summarised over spatially course reporting units for reasons of farm confidentiality. This is problematic for research at a local level. This paper describes an approach combining dasymetric and volume preserving techniques to create a national land use dataset at 1km 2 resolution. The results for an English county are compared(More)
PURPOSE Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a worldwide health concern according to the World Health Organization, and a positive serology test for HCV is currently one of the most common reasons for tissue rejection for transplantation. Demonstrating the presence or absence of viral RNA or DNA in corneal cells, a privileged avascular site, verifies the(More)
The Fake News Challenge (FNC-1) is a public competition that aims to find automatic methods for detecting fake news. The dataset for the challenge consists of headline-body pairs, with the objective being to classify the pairs as unrelated, agreeing, disagreeing, or discussing. We developed four neural network models for FNC-1, two using a feed-forward(More)
We propose structural parallels between textual literacy and computational literacy, and explore interactive fiction as a medium at their intersection. We designed and built a web application allowing students to read and write interactive fiction and a curriculum weaving the two literacies together. A study evaluating the curriculum found modest adoption(More)
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