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Using a self-administered questionnaire, 149 respondents rated service elements associated with a recently visited store or restaurant on scales that differed only in the number of response categories (ranging from 2 to 11) and on a 101-point scale presented in a different format. On several indices of reliability, validity, and discriminating power, the(More)
These notes present an approach to obtaining the basic properties of the natural numbers in terms of the properties of finite sets (which are introduced independently of the natural numbers). The role played by the usual recursion theorem is taken over by a construction which can be regarded as a recursion theorem for finite sets.
i This study presents a systematic approach to specifying data objects with the help of initial algebras. The primary aim is to describe the setup to be found in modern functional programming languages such as Haskell and ML, although it can also be applied to more general situations. The 'initial algebra semantics' philosophy has been propagated by the ADJ(More)
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