Chris Porter

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Infants' unitary perception of their multisensory world, including learning from people (faces and speech), hinges on temporal synchrony. Despite its importance, relatively little work has investigated the brain processes involved in infants' perception of temporal synchrony. In two experiments, we examined event-related brain potentials (ERPs) to(More)
Behavioral work demonstrates human infants are sensitive to a host of intersensory properties and this sensitivity promotes early learning and memory. However, little is known regarding the neural basis of this ability in infants. Using event-related potentials (ERPs) with infants and adults, we show that during passive viewing auditory evoked brain(More)
  • Amanda Victrix, Allen Wozniak, F Knight, Thomas K Knight, Gerald Jay, William Thilly +26 others
  • 2007
The future of synthetic biology research hinges upon the development of accurate and inexpensive whole gene synthesis technologies. Recent advances in the purification of solid-phase manufactured oligonucleotides make it possible to manufacture whole genes by polymerase chain reaction methods. Yet, despite the improvement in laboratory methods, whole gene(More)
INTRODUCTION 'Preloading' is a phenomenon where people drink alcohol at a private residence before going out. We aimed to identify whether preloading is a risk factor for alcohol-related emergency department attendance. We also wanted to identify where people became injured or unwell. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional, anonymous, survey at peak(More)
In this article, we describe behavioral and neurophysiological evidence for infants' multimodal face-voice perception. We argue that the behavioral development of face-voice perception, like multimodal perception more broadly, is consistent with the intersensory redundancy hypothesis (IRH). Furthermore, we highlight that several recently observed features(More)
—User experience (UX) is difficult to quantify and thus more challenging to require and guarantee. It is also difficult to gauge the potential impact on users' lived experience, especially at the earlier stages of the development life cycle, particularly before hi fidelity prototypes are developed. We believe that the enrolment process is a major hurdle for(More)