Chris Pilgrim

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One of the challenges confronting website designers is to provide e ffective navigational support. Supplemental navigation tools such as search, indexes and sitemaps are frequently included on web sites. However, due to a lack of guidance for designers a proliferation of designs has evolved over time. Trends in design don't appear to be underpinned by any(More)
Participatory design is an essential element of the skill set of professional interface developers and therefore is a significant component of HCI courses at universities. The PICTIVE technique is a 'low-fidelity' collaborative design technique that encourages participatory design. Significant challenges arise when attempting to introduce participatory(More)
Multimedia technology offers considerable potential for education though the costs of production of courseware are prohibitive especially in a rapidly changing discipline such as computer science. This paper proposes a cost-effective technique which allows multimedia courseware to be developed quickly and economically. To illustrate this concept, courseware(More)
In Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), the usability and aesthetics of webpages have been studied extensively. However, research into participant experience and expertise with the website domain being studied is often overlooked. This paper strived to acquire an understanding of the relationship between usability and visual appeal by examining it in a domain(More)