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Mouse mutants with paranodal junctional (PNJ) defects display variable degrees of neurological impairment. In this study we compare control paranodes with those from three mouse mutants that differ with respect to a conspicuous PNJ component, the transverse bands (TBs). We hypothesize that TBs link the apposed junctional membranes together at a fixed(More)
The Drosophila melanogaster ovary is a powerful, genetically tractable system through which one can elucidate the principles underlying cellular function and organogenesis in vivo. In order to understand the intricate process of oogenesis at the subcellular level, microscopic analysis with the highest possible resolution is required. In this chapter, we(More)
The posteruptive maturation of enamel is an important factor in caries disposition. In an experimental study the demineralization of enamel as well as its permeability and its morphological features in dependence of eruption stage were examined on extracted premolars. Chemical analysis showed variations in the Ca/P molar ratio. It is possible, that the(More)
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