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AIM Liveable communities create the conditions to optimise health and wellbeing outcomes in residents by influencing various social determinants of health - for example, neighbourhood walkability and access to public transport, public open space, local amenities, and social and community facilities. This study will develop national liveability indicators(More)
During dynamic atomic force microscopy (AFM), the deflection of a scanning cantilever generates multiple frequency terms due to the nonlinear nature of AFM tip-sample interactions. Even though each frequency term is reasonably expected to encode information about the sample, only the fundamental frequency term is typically decoded to provide topographic(More)
This study investigates alternative energy scenarios for Victoria to minimise carbon-emissions. There are many renewable energy options for Victoria; however, the visual impact on the State’s landscape is unknown. This project illustrates a Victoria powered solely by renewable energy: namely on-shore wind and solar power plants. Areas suitable for such(More)
To realize the full potential of crowdsourced data collected by smartphone applications in urban research and planning, there is a need for parsimonious, reliable, computationally and temporally efficient data processing routines. The literature indicates that the opportunities brought by crowdsourced data in generating low-cost, bottom-up, and fine spatial(More)
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